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About NA

Nieuw Akademia is a cooperation of scientists, artists and consultants, working together in the belief that complex problems are best dealt with through a multidisciplinary approach. Roughly sketched, the scientist is able to distinguish between facts and fictions, the artist sees opportunities where none were identified before and the consultant knows how to mobilise an organisation. The starting point is that all disciplines are supposed to transcend their professional boundaries. 

Context People have changed the way they relate to one another, partly under the influence of new technologies and new means of communication: more, faster and often not centrally controlled. Organisations have opened up and become more closely connected with their environment, making them more vulnerable. These dynamics are very much apparent in the spheres of innovation and responsible business. Many organisations are equipped for containment (of costs, risks, behaviour), in itself at odds with innovation. Both aspects together though determine the strength and viability of an organisation.

Focus  The emphasis of Nieuw Akademia’s offer lies on optimising organisational and development processes which occur within an unknown context. Organisations should not get bogged down in implementing external experts’ blueprints, but instead be focused on converting their own vision into actions. Organisations possess their own creative and intelligent energy needed to take the next step. Who else than one’s own staff better understand the environment in which the organisation operates?

Approach Nieuw Akademia’s members guide and support these processes. They supply the inspiration to create ‘outside the box’ and the expertise to prevent ‘hot air’. Nieuw Akademia’s scientists, artists and consultants are invited to participate in any given project in accordance with their expertise and their affinity with the subject. Clients are closely involved in composing the project team. This enables us to deliver unprecedented quality, guided by our commitment and professionalism.

Experience Over the last ten years Nieuw Akademia has organised and designed dozens of congresses and conferences, hundreds of work sessions, vision labs, innovation labs, management labs and media labs for dozens of organisations, authorities and companies, conducted and effected by over one hundred members. 

Nieuw Akademia’s services dovetail with the present situation of many organisations. 
Nieuw Akademia disposes of its own location on the High Land of Groningen, Walsemaweer, at a comforting distance from every day bustle, as well as a location in Amsterdam. If needed, we will use various inspiring locations both inside and outside the Netherlands.

Nieuw Akademia has the people and the means to instigate, support, maintain and successfully conclude change. With you we learn from the future as it emerges in the now.

“Out of the box but no hot air. With an eye for the sceptic’s resistance as well as for the preacher’s wings.”

Founded in 2001 during a starter conference in which participated 36 scientists, artists and consultants, locked up in the former monastery of Kloosterburen. The topic of conversation was the question whether the three disciplines, in working together, could get a better grip on the implications and opportunities of various fast and profound changes on local, national and international levels.

The answer was a straightforward and heartfelt yes, leading to the foundation of the Nieuw Akademia Cooperative and Nieuw Akademia Ltd. The limited represents acquisition, coordination and project management. The cooperative stands for competence, passion and inspiration. Beside their work for Nieuw Akademia, all members have their own professional practice.

Candidate members are usually invited by members, though application, preferably by e-mail, is also possible.